Young Living Apparel

Young Living Apparel

We are all proud members of the Young Living family, benefitting from access to the finest quality oils and products. Now, thanks to our new apparel range, you will have a chance to get your hands on our high-quality outerwear, allowing you to wear our branded items with pride. Invest in Young Living apparel and enjoy our signature fashion items this winter!

Our new apparel category is here to welcome you with two exclusive hooded sweatshirts. The aim of the Pink Cosy Hooded Sweatshirt is to bring cheer to your mornings and remind you why you fell in love with our oils in the first place. The Blue Stylish Hooded Sweatshirt is great for evenings where you want to get snug while you work and dream about achieving your goals.

Stay warm and comfortable this winter with these 100% cotton, kitten-soft hooded sweatshirts, both of which are perfect for every occasion. Moreover, if you buy a bundle with one sweatshirt of each colour in the same size you will get 20% off!

Our Hoodies are designed to offer a comfy fit— we recommend looking at our size guide to determine the right size for you!


Opt to buy a bundle which includes two sweatshirts of the same size in different colours and receive an exclusive 20% off.